Cosmos IT Solutions offers exceptional services to meet your business needs. Our experts offer innovative, yet practical solutions, to help you achieve your strategic business objectives. Our expertise enables us to provide you with a strategic partner for all of your technology needs.

Staff Augmentation: Cosmos IT Solutions provides high-quality professionals that best fit your needs to assist with both short and long-term staffing. Whether you need to bring on resources quickly to meet your project deadlines or you have special projects that require additional manpower, Cosmos IT Solutions is here to help.

Contract For Hire: Cosmos IT Solutions provides highly qualified professionals who are not only a fit technically, but fit in your team as well. We provide a resource for 6 to 12-month Contract To Hire with small conversion fees allowing you to have the ability to ensure that the resource is a great fit before you add them to your team.

Variable Staffing Model & Remote Delivery Services: Cosmos IT Solutions provides variable staffing models and remote delivery services designed to help you meet the ebb and flow of staffing demands. We provide our clients with the flexibility to respond to rapidly changing staffing needs and specialize in providing difficult to staff skillsets. Additionally, we offer a variety of remote delivery services (on and off-shore) and hybrid solutions to maximize output while minimizing cost. We can fully staff and deliver your project needs from one of our off-site development centers.


  • DevOps
  • Agile
  • BI
  • Big Data / Analytics
  • Enterprise Information Management
  • Business Process Management
  • Application Lifecycle Management
  • Quality Assurance and Testing
  • Systems Integration
  • Enterprise Systems
  • Mobility & Cloud
  • Content Management
  • Cyber Security


  • Managed Services
    Professional Services